Zero Escape and Danganronpa creators’ World’s End Club out tomorrow on Apple Arcade

World’s End Club, the new collaborative effort from Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi and Danganronpa’s Kazutaka Kodaka (who serve as scenario writer and creative director on the project respectively), launches tomorrow, 4th September, on Apple Arcade.

World’s End Club (formerly Death March Club) is developed by Too Kyo Games and charts the adventures of twelve “oddball” children, all from the same school class, as they become embroiled in a dangerous game leading them on a 1,200km journey across Japan.

Things initially get weird when the group is involved in a road accident during a school trip, and the children wake to find themselves in a long-abandoned amusement park beneath the sea. Here, a mysterious clown orders them to partake in a “fate game” and a fight for their lives.

In practical terms, World’s End Club blends 2D side-scrolling puzzle-action with narrative-driven adventure, and publisher Izanagi Games says players can alter the course of events based on the decisions they make throughout the branching story.

“Will they be able to survive and make it out of this weird place?,” teases the official blurb, “The kids are all lost and confused but then, extraordinary powers begin to awaken within them. While at the same time ‘abnormal events’ are occurring all over the Earth.”

There’s a taste of the ensuing action in World’s End Club’s trailer above – which hints at a rather darker adventure than its breezy art style might suggest – and those sufficiently intrigued can play it tomorrow via Apple Arcade. A Switch version is expected to arrive in spring 2021.